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What isPOL ?

POL is big data development tool. POL enabled solutions providers and software department in an enterprise to develop big data applications in 90% less resource then the top efficient big data tool. POL is much more than a tool. POL is also revolutionary technology that simplifies  development with much more sophistication and significantly less resources.


What makes POL different.

POL is the only development tool that has a virtual interface the enables programmers to generate POL's programing code using virtual operations with the same ease as using a spreadsheet. Other big data development tools has visual interface but it is impossible to edit their programing code. Although they declare themself has an open source their modules are inaccessible. 


What makes POL better.

POL programing code is , intuitive, simple to understand and maintain. The  programer can combine other programing code like Scala or Java with POL's code. POL can generate application 10 time faster than the best tool in the market. With POL, the programmer can tailor made any sophisticated application for the ever changing enterprise' requirements with a fracture of the time, previously required. POL enables much more easier maintenance which previously depleted the enterprise resources.




POL's applications can be deployed anywhere and in any form. They can be deployed as stand alone, web, cloud and background. There are two type of background deployment. The scheduler and the synchronized. The scheduler can process data in a specific time interval. The synchronized as a specific response to specific operation on specific database table.



POL applications can perform data cleansing, integration and\or migration at the same time (simultaneously) on the fly in one unified environment.


Cutting edge Technology

POL uses Spark technology and also Ignite as a boosting platform. POL add an important innovation that called:

"Pointers Oriented Language" (POL).

This technology enables programmers to pinpoint and manipulate every cell in a database table using pointers.

POL has AI function such as ML that enables pattern recognition, predictive analysis and more.

POL also has recursive functionality.

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